2011-09-22, 001, Country Bumpkins Campground, NH

Stayed from 2011-09-22 to 2011-09-28

Country Bunpkins Campground
Lincoln, NH

Country Bumpkins Campground.pdf

2011-09-25, 013, Along Rte 3, White Mts, NH

2011-09-25 White Face Mts

2011-09-27, 009, Albany Covered Bridge, White Mts, NH

2011-09-27 White Face Mts

Stayed in New Hampshire, but just moved up the road a bit to another campground, ‘Country Bumpkins’ in Lincoln, NH.  This campground suited us, cable TV and excellent Internet then located just out of town.  We continued exploring the White Mountains and enjoying the fall foliage which is now fully developing.  Our wandering carried us up into Maine, plus we had to explore a few covered bridges on the way.  We skip the trip to the top of Mount Washington this year, a bit cold, we had done it in previous years.