2013-08-31, 006, Cedar Pass CG, Site 15, Badlands NP, SD

Stayed from 2013-08-29 to 20132-09-04

Badlands National Park Pdf

Hiking Trails in the  Park Pdf

Badlands National Park
Cedar Pass CG, SD pdf

2013-08-31, 011, Saddle Pass Trail, Badlands NP, SD

Saddle Pass Trail

2013-09-02, 014, Medicine Root Trail, Badlands NP, SD.JPG

Medicine Root Loop Trail

2013-08-31, 006, Windows Trail, Badlands NP, SD

Window Trail

2013-09-02, 011, Castle Trail, Badlands MP, SD

Castle Trail

We stayed here last year too.  Nice park, just electric without water or sewer but we make it last, limited Internet and cell phone service. 

We continued cleaning and waxing the RV and a lot of sun rises and sets to complete the day. 

Taking a break before moving on plus I (Gerry) got to walk the trails in the morning and evenings.

2013-08-31, 007, Door Trail, Badlands NP, SD

Door Trail

2013-09-04, 021, Notch Trail, Badlands NP, SD

Notch Trail