2014-09-25, 005, Lake Charles State Park, AR

Stayed from 2014-09-25 to 2014-10-01

Lake Charles State Park
Powhatan, AR
Lake Charles State Park Pdf

2014-09-29, 004, Lake Charles, AR

Views from around the park

2014-09-29, 001, Powhatan Historic SP, AR

Powhatan Historic State Park
Powhatan Historic SP Pdf
Town History Pdf

2014-09-30, 001, Mammoth Springs State Park, AR

Mammoth Spring State Park
Mammoth Spring SP Pdf

Real nice campground for a state park, we got a site right on the lake with full hookups. No telephone or Internet service, but we could get Internet at the local library. Well worth the state just to kick back and relax.