2015-07-22, 001, Henrys Lake SP, Site 074, Island Park, IA 2015-07-22, 004, Henrys Lake, Island Park, IA 2015-07-24, 026, Yellowstons NP, WY, Lewis Falls Area

Stayed from 2015-07-22 to 2015-07-28, Site 074
Campground Pdf

Views from around the Campground

Yellowstone-Teton Drive Through
Yellowstone-Teton Loop Pdf
Teton National Park Pdf

Henry’s Lake State Park
Island Park, ID
Henry’s Lake SP Pdf

2015-07-23, 001, Yellowstone NP, WY, Madison River

Yellowstone National Park, Rain Day

2015-07-26, 001, Yellowstone NP, Mount Haynes, WY

Yellowstone National Park, Upper Loop

Yellowstone National Park Pdf

2015-07-27, 008, Yellowstone NP, WY, Firehole Springs

Yellowstone National Park, Upper Loop

Not a bad campground for a state park, we got electric and water services but no telephone and very limited access to the Internet.  Idaho state parks are a bit expensive, considering they charge per vehicle and they don't consider a motorhome a camping unit. The only thing this park has going for it is that it's close to Yellowstone and the Teton National Parks, there is also Lake access.