2016-06-30, 001, Elk Creek Resort, SD

Stayed from 2016-06-30 to 2016-07-06

Elk Creek Resort
Elk Creek, SD
Elk Creek Campground.Pdf

2016-07-02, 001, Mount Rushmore National Momorial, SD
2016-07-05, 001, Wind Cave National Park, SD

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Memorial PDF
Pictures of Mount Rushmore NP

Wind Cave National Park
Wind Cave National Park Pdf
Pictures of  of Wind Cave National Park

2016-07-06, 001, Welcome to Sturgis, SD

Welcome to Sturgis

Nice campground, we've been here a few times before, we had hookups with good telephone service and Internet (we will given Verizon hotspots). The campground is well situated among a few National Monuments and National Parks, Sturgis was just down the road, and Rapid City with close by.