2016-05-26, 003, Lake Mead RV Village, NV 2016-05-27, 013, Hoover Dam 2016-05-27, 001, Lake Mead NRA, NV, UT, AZ

Stayed from 2016-05-26 to 2016-06-01

Hoover Dam and
Mike O'Callaghan - Pt Tillman Memorial Bridge

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Mead NRA Pdf

Lake Mead RV Village
Boulder City, NV
Lake Mead RV Village.Pdf

2016-05-30, 001, Tule Springs Fossil Beds NM, NV

Tule Springs Fossil Beds
National Monument

2016-05-31, 001, Red Rock Canyon NRA, NV

Red Rock Canyon & Spring Mountains
National Recreation Areas

Red Rock Canyon NRA Pdf

This campground was surprisingly nice, got a site facing Lake Mead, the campsites was well maintained and the host where very helpful.  Being a commercial RV Resort within a National Recreation Area it had full hookups, internet, and T-Mobile reception.  Besides being within Lake Mead NRA there are many other National Monuments and National Recreation Area close by.