2014-07-28, 002, Coachman's Terrace, WI

Stayed from 2014-07-28 to 2014-08-03

Coachman's Terrace
Lake Geneva, WI
Coachman's Terrace Pdf

2014-07-29, 003, Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva, WI

2014-08-03, 007, Wrigley Field, W addison St

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

This was an O.K. campground, had a pull through site on a corner with full hookups.  We had phone service but the Internet service was questionable.  One day we took a ride into Chicago and took a tour of Wrigley Field, we had a nice time.  Didn’t realize this was a peak tourist town for the Midwest, it seems that Lake Geneva is a big thing in Wisconsin.