2014-07-21, 001, Jim Edgar Panther Crk, IL

Stayed from 2014-07-21 to 2014-07-27

Jim Edgar Panther Creek
Chandlerville, IL
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Views from around the Park

2014-07-24, 006, Lincoln Film Museum 2014-07-24, 015, LHNHS, Dean's House, IL

Abraham Lincoln’s Museum / Library / Etc.

Lincoln Home National Historical Site

Springfield IL Visitor’s Guide and Map

2014-07-24, 002, Abraham Lincoln's Tomb, IL
2014-07-24, 002, Old State Capitol, IL

Abraham Lincoln’s Family Tomb

The Old Illinois State Capitol Building

Springfield IL Visitor’s Guide and Map

Nice park, nice campground with huge back in site and full hookups, Park on a whole was quite huge and offered a vary of hunting and fishing activities.  No Internet or cell phone service for miles, we had to traveled to Springfield, Illinois (the state capital).  We visited the home of Abraham Lincoln national historical site, they Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, we also visited his Tomb.  The Old Capital building had historical reenactments which was kind of interesting.