2012-10-14, 001, Bledsoe Creek State, TN

Stayed from 2012-10-14 to 2012-10-16
Bledsoe Creek Campground Pdf

2012-10-15, 001, The Hermitage, TN

The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson
The Hermitage Pdf

2012-10-16, 002, Bledsoe State Park

Trails in Bledsoe State Park
Trail Pdf

Bledsone Creek State Campground
Gallatin, TN

Bledsone Creek State Campground Pdf

2012-10-16, 008, GrandOle Opry House

Grand Ole Opry House
Grand Ole Opry House Pdf

Bledsoe Creek State Park in Gallatin, Tennessee, not too far from Nashville, nice state park.  Smashed in my right fender while moving my car away from the RV, I thought I cleared the rock, I wasn't a happy camper.  Went to the Hermitage, which was the home of Andrew Jackson.  We also went into Nashville and took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry.