2012-09-14, 001, Johnson's Corner RV, CO

Stayed from 2012-09-14 to 2012-09-20

Johnson’s Corner RV Retreat
JC RV Retreat Pdf

2012-09-16, 005, Along Rt 14, CO 2012-09-18, 018, Old Fall River Road

Along Route 14 in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park Pdf
Old Fall River Road Pdf

2012-09-20, 004, Colorado Rockies Stadium

Coors Field
Home of the Colorado Rockies

Coors Field Info Pdf

2012-09-20, 001, Denver Broncos Stadium

Sports Authority
Home of the Denver Broncos

Johnson’s Corner RV Retreat in Johnstown, Colorado, not too far from Denver.  Far from being a retreat, had to be the smallest site I’ve ever pulled into, no more then 6” from slide to slide plus we shared a picnic table.  Not our favorite campground.  Spent most of our time in the ‘Rocky Mountain National Park’, scenery is just beautiful.  While in Denver, we went to Coors Field and took a tour, home to the Colorado Rockies baseball team.  While in Denver we also toured the ‘Sports Authority Stadium’, which is home to the Denver Broncos football team, nice stadium.