2012-10-01, 001, Branson Stagecoach, MO

Stayed from 2012-10-01 to 2012-10-08

Branson Stagecoach RV Park
Branson, MO

Branson Stagecoach RV Park Pdf

2012-10-02, 001, Table Rock Dam, MO

Table Rock Dam, Branson, MO

2012-10-04, 006, Buffalo River NP, AR

Buffalo River National Park, AR
Buffalo River National Park Info PDF

Stayed at the Branson Stagecoach RV Park in Branson, Missouri, nice clean passport park with amenities.  Didn’t do any shows, nobody there I really wanted to see.  Just explored the area, like Table Rock Dam, and Gerry went to Buffalo National Park down in Arkansas.