2014-03-01, 001, VIP La Feria RV Park, TX

Stayed from 2014-03-01 to 2014-04-31

VIP East La Feria RV Park, TX
VIP La Feria RV Park Pdf

2014-03-14, 083, Fair Grounds, RGVLS, TX

2014-03-14 Various Events

2014-03-14, 032, Craz E Crew, RGVLS, TX

Craz E Crew Stunt Team

Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show

2014-04-09, 078, Kiting, S Padre Island, TX

South Padre Island

2014-04-23, 009, Glads Porter Zoo, Brownsville, TX

Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, TX
Gladys Porter Zoo Pdf

This is our third trip here.  We met up with Linda and Martin again, our friends from Ontario, Canada.  There were also some others that were here the year before as well.

 We went into Mexico again, didn't buy anything but still fun.  We went bowling a few times and the guys also played some golf.  Of course we had to take in the fair again, the Rio Grande Valley Livestock show which featured the Craz E Crew stunt team.  Of course a trip down to Brownsville to see how the guerrillas were doing at the Gladys Porter zoo.

The weather was breezy and warm. We went to flea markets and also ate at Gonzalez’s burgers, best burgers ever.  Of course a quick trip to South Padre Island and lunch at Dirty Al’s, included a walk through Isla Blanca Park along the beach and to watch the Dolphins come up through the channel.  We took a ride north up into Padre Island national seashore where we stopped to watch some Sail Surfers out on the bay