2011-09-29, 001, High Falls River Campground, NY1

Stayed from 2011-09-29 to 2011-10-05

High Falls Park
Chateaugay, NY

High Falls Park.pdf

2011-10-03, 012, Along Rte 86, The Adirondacks Park, NY

2011-10-03 The Adirondacks Park

2011-10-05, 026, Whiteface Mt, Adirondacks Park, NY

2011-10-05 The Adirondacks Park

We are now in ‘High Falls Park’ in Chateauguay, New York.  Nice campground in the North East section of New York State.  Not too many people here as the weather is quite cool, park closes in a few weeks the evening temperatures are below freezing.  Even sat around a campfire fire one night, enjoy the solitude, something different for us.  Not much to do this time of the year, we just explored the Adirondacks Park and continued to enjoy the fall foliage.  We took a side trip to the top of ‘Whiteface Mountain’, fantastic overview of the Adirondacks Mountains on a cool clear crisp afternoon.