2011-10-17, 001, Western Village RV Park, PA

Stayed from 2011-10-13 to 2011-10-19

2011-10-15, 005, Train Station, Gettysburg, PA

2011-10-15 Town/Vistor - Gettysburg, PA

2011-10-17, 023, Eisenhower's House, Gettysburg, PA

2011-10-17 Eisenhower's House, Gettysburg, PA

Western Village RV Park
Carlisle, PA

Western Village RV Park.pdf

We arrived at the ‘Western Village RV Park’ in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, which is not too far from Gettysburg.  Not a bad campground very family oriented, we arrived just before they were closing for the season and they had a nice Halloween party.  The site was quite nice but buried under the trees so we had to survive a few days without TV or satellite.

We spent a few days exploring the town of Gettysburg, as well as the surrounding battlefield.  While there we also took a tour of the Eisenhower House, it was restored to the exact condition when the Eisenhower's occupied the residence, a unique look into history.  And as always we enjoyed the fall foliage as we continued slowly head south ahead of the weather.

2011-10-18, 079, Pennsylvania Memorial Area

2011-10-18 Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA
Battlefield Map