2011-10-27, 001,  Yogi Bears Jellystone Park, GA

Stayed from 2011-10-27 to 2011-11-02

2011-10-27, 010, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

Pictures from Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

2011-10-27, 031, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

Pictures from Georgia Aqquarium, Atlanta

2011-10-27, 005, World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA

Pictures from the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta

Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Resort
Breman, GA

Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Resort.pdf

Arrived in Breman, Georgia, Yogi Bear Jellystone Park.  (about an hour from Atlanta).  Really blew it as we bypassed the entrance by 100 feet took us another two hours to disconnect the car and car caddy and get the RV turned around.  Fairly nice campground definitely family oriented, most of the amenities are closed this time of the year but very reasonable being a passport campground.

Took a ride to Atlanta, walked through Centennial Olympic Park, on the way to the Georgia Aquarium (best aquarium I have seen so far).  While in Atlanta, we couldn't miss the Coca Cola Museum, what a collection of memorabilia.  And where else could you sample the various products/flavors of Coca-Cola from all over the world.  Coke is still my favorite, even got a free glass bottle of coke to take home right off a production line.  Another day we went out to Stone Mountain, amazing how a sculpture of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Thomas(Stonewall) Jackson can be carved out of the mountain side.

2011-10-31, 053, Stone Mountian, GA

Pictures from Stone Mountain, GA