2012-08-09, 001, The Badlands NP, SD

Stayed from 2012-08-09 to 2012-08-12

Badlands Campground
Badlands Campground pdf
Badlands Planner 2012 Pdf

2012-08-09, 016, The Window Trail

The Badlands, 2012-08-09

2012-08-10, 088, Bison Herd

The Badlands, 2012-08-10

2012-08-11, 030, Missile Silo

Minutemen Missiles
Minutemen Missiles Pdf

Arrived in the Bad Lands Campground in Bad Lands, South Dakota, grab the site along the edge of the campground that had electric.  Beautiful Park, even saw a double rainbow and quite a few beautiful sunsets, definitely could have stayed here longer.  Besides exploring the national park, which is well worth a few days, spent also explored a few of the side roads.  We also went to see the Minute Men Missiles site, located in the middle of nowhere that were used during the Cold War.