2012-08-04, 002, Pipestone RV Campground, MN

Stayed from 2012-08-04 to 2012-08-08

Pipestone RV Campground
Pipestone, MN
Pipestone RV Campground pdf

2012-08-05, 001, Pipestone National Monument, MN

Pipestone National Monument
Pipestone Info Pdf
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2012-08-07, 019, Pipestone Museum, MN

Pipestone County Museum

Arrived at Pipestone RV Campground in Pipestone, Minnesota, nice little campground tucked away next to a national monument.  We went to the Pipestone National Monument right across the street from the campground.  This monument is about the Indian’s story and protection of the stone they used to make their ceremonial pipes, which they still quarry today.