2013-08-05, 001, Five Mile CG, Dalton Hwy MP 60

Stayed from 2013-08-05 to 2013-08-06

2013-08-05, 009, Alaskan Pipe Line, Fairbanks, AK

The Alaskan Pipe Line

Five Mile CG, Dalton Hwy
Mile Post 60
Lower Dalton Hwy Map Pdf

BLM Campground, basically parking lot without hookups, along the ‘Dalton Highway’ to the Arctic Circle.  The Road follows the ‘Alaskan Pipe Line’  as it zig-zags thru the mountains.  From here we rode the motorcycle up to the ‘Arctic Circle’, an easy ride thru a few inches of mud.

2013-08-05, 003, Dalton Hwy, MP 0..60, AK

The Dalton Hwy,  MP 0 .. 60

2013-08-06, 025, Arctic Circle, MP 115, AK

The Dalton Hwy  -  Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle Cert

Certificate that we crossed the ‘Arctic Circle’