2013-07-26, 001, Mile '0' RV Park, BC, CA 2013-07-30, 001, Big Delta State CG, Delta Junction, AK
2013-07-28, 001, Liard River Hotsprings Prov Park, BC 2013-07-29, 002, Pine Lake Gov CG, YT, CA

Stayed from 2013-07-26 to 2013-07-27

Stayed on 2013-07-28

Stayed on 2013-07-29

Stayed on 2013-07-30

Mile '0' RV Park, Dawson Creek, BC, CA
Mile '0' RV Park Pdf

Rest Area - Liard Hot Springs
Alaskan Hwy @ MP 763 k, BC

Pine Lake Gov CG
Alaskan Hwy @ MP 1572 k, YT
Yukon Gov Campgrounds Pdf

Delta State CG, Delta Junction, AK
Big Delta State CG Pdf

Alaskan Hwy Cert 2013-07-27, 001, Dawson Creek, BC, CA 2013-07-28, 042, Alaskan Hwy Mile 0 - 496 BC, CA 2013-07-29, 030, Alaskan Hwy Mile ... 981, BC-YT, CA 2013-07-30, 017, Alaskan Hwy Mile ... 1500, YT-AK

Certificate of Completion of
Alaskan Highway

The Start & End of the Alaskan Hwy

2013-07-31, 019, Big Delta State Historical Pk, AK

Big Delta Historical Park
Big Delta Historical Park Pdf

The Alaskan Hwy, Mile 0 - 496 BC, CA

The Alaskan Hwy, Mile 497 - 981, BC-YT, CA

The Alaskan Hwy, Mile 982 - 1500, YT-AK

Services along the Alaskan Hwy PDF

Mile ‘0’ Campground in Dawson Creek BC was an OK campground, we had a pull thru with full hookups and Internet.  Dawson Creek is the starting point of the Alcan (Alaska) Highway, so we got to explore logistics required to build a highway 1,532 miles through wildness to Fairbanks AK.

 ‘Liard Hot Springs rest area’, Northern Rockies, BC, Canada, just a one night stopover at the 763 KM along the Alcan Highway.  Here are the pictures from the first 496 miles.

Pine Lake’ campground at Haines Junction in the Yukon, at the 1572 KM point along the Alcan Highway, not a bad campground with large pull thru, but no services unless you consider free fire wood.  Here are the pictures from the 498 - 981 mile markers.

Big Delta State Historical Park’ at Delta Junction, Alaska, at the 1422 Mile marker at the end of the Alcan Highway, this campground was just a parking lot.  Here are the pictures from the 982 mile marker to the end.  The park was a recreation of a way house between Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska.