2013-07-18, 001, Phoenix RV Park, OR

Stayed from 2013-07-18 to 2013-07-24

2013-07-19, 045, BMW Rally, Salem, OR

BMW Rally, Salem, OR
BMW Rally Pdf

2013-07-19, 058, GS Games at BMW Rally

GS Motorcycle Games at the BMW Rally

Phoenix RV Park, Salem, OR
Phoenix RV Park Pdf

The campground was very nice and well maintained.

While there, we attended the ‘BMW Motorcycle Rally’ and the ‘GS Motorcycle Games’.

We also visited with my long time friend Deb, had a great time catching up.  Deb took us to really good places to eat, especially the breakfast, where I had crème broullet French toast; outstanding.  She also gave us the grand tour of Salem, and then we traveled on our own to the Oregon coast.  The weather was great until we rode to the coast where it was quite chilly. 


2013-07-23, 036, Oregon Coast along Rt 101

Oregon Coast along Rt 101