2013-08-18, 005, Whistlers CG, Jasper, AB 2013-08-19, 002, Lake Louise Overflow CG, AB 2013-08-18, 007, Along Rt 16 in Jasper NP, AB 2013-08-18, 031, Medicine Lake, Jasper, AB

Stayed on 2013-08-18

Whistlers CG, Jasper NP, AB
Whistlers CG Pdf

Stayed on 2013-08-19

Lake Louise Overflow CG
Lake Louise, Banff, AB

08-18 Along Rt 16 in Jasper NP, AB
First entering the park

08-18 Along Rt 16 in Jasper NP, AB
Taking a ride back to some overviews

Map of ‘Jasper National Park’, AB

2013-08-19, 023, Athabasca Falls in Jasper, AB

08-19 Along the 'Icefields Pkwy' in Jasper/Banff NP, AB
Drive between campgrounds

Map of ‘Icefields Parkway’

2013-08-19, 045, Lake Louise in Banff, AB

08-19 Lake Louise & Bow Valley Pkwy
Took a ride with the truck

Map of  ‘Banff National Park’, AB

2013-08-20, 004, Along Rt 93 thru Kootenay NP, BC

08-20 Along Rt 93 thru Kootenay NP, BC
Leaving  Lake Louise heading back to the states’

Map of ‘Kootenay National Park’, BC

Now heading south from Dawson Creek on a way to Jasper National Park we passed some fantastic scenery along Route 16 as we first entered the park.  We lucked out and found a campsite in Whistlers CG within Jasper National Park, nice site with no amenities but secluded. Once we set up we want it back to the various overlooks throughout the park.

The next day we headed south along the ‘Ice Fields Parkway’ between Jasper and Banff National Parks, fantastic views driving down through the center of the Rockies. 

Moving onto Lake Louise in Banff, here we weren’t so lucky we weren't able to find a campsite so we wound up in an overflow parking lot for the evening.  Again once we set up we took a ride with a truck along Bow Valley Pkwy in Banff National Park.

The next morning we continued to head south west through the Kootenay National Park back into British Columbia, and then again south into the US.