2012-03-09, 001, Big Bend Resort, TX

Stayed from 2012-03-09 to 2012-03-15

2012-03-14, 012, Along Rt 170

Along the Rio Grande River

Big Bend RV Resort
Terlingua, TX

Big Bend RV Resort.pdf

Map of Big Bend National Park

2012-03-10, 001, Entry 2012-03-11, 010, Grapevine Hills Rd 2012-03-12, 043, Boquillas Canyon
2012-03-13, 016 Along Rt 385 North 2012-03-14, 012, Chisos Basli

Arrived at Big Bend RV Resort in Terlingua, TX.  Not much of a resort, but home for the next week.  It’s the desert, dry, hot during the day and chilly at night.  Spent most of our time wandering through ‘Big Bend National Park’, fantastic scenery from the river to the desert and through the mountains and canyons.  Even saw the Rio Grande River, at a point where we could easily walk across at ankle depth.  We also headed north along the Rio Grande up through the canyons along the US/Mexico border the vistas were well worth the ride.