2012-0401, 002, Country Garden RV Park, MO

Stayed from 2012-04-01 to 2012-04-07

2012-04-03, 016, Harry Truman's House, MO

Kansas City Chief’s Stadium
Kansas City Royals’ Stadium
Harry Truman's House
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Harry Truman's Library
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Country Garden RV Park
Odesa, MO

Country Garden RV Park.pdf

Overnight stop in a rest area along the Kansas Turnpike.


Arrived in Country Garden RV Park, Odesa, Missouri, not too far from Kansas City, a small campground right off the highway, a bit little noisy but convent.  Saw the football team Kansas City Chiefs Stadium and the baseball team Kansas City Royals Stadium from the outside only.  No tours were being given at this time of the year.  Went to the President Harry Truman Library and also toured his home in Independence Missouri where he lived before and after his presidency very interesting.