2012-02-17, 001, VIP La Feria RV Park

Stayed from 2012-02-17 to 2012-03-01

2012-02-22, 016, South Padre Island

2012-02-22 South Padre Island

2012-02-28, 003, Palo Alto Battlefield, TX

2012-02-28 Palo Alto Battlefield

2012-02-28, 001, Brownsville-Matamoros, TX

2012-02-28 Brownsville-Matamoros

VIP La Feria RV Park
La Feria, TX

VIP La Feria.pdf

Arrived at VIP-LaFeria RV Park in LaFeria, Texas, real nice RV Park for the 55+ group (we fitted in well).  On our first day we were located in front along the road, asked to be moved to the rear of the park (too much road noise for us).  We were off to ‘South Padre Island’; nice beaches.  Don’t miss the ‘Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site’ turning point were Mexico lost well over half its total size.  Then we went down to Brownsville, Texas which is right on the Mexican border.  It amazed us, the size of iron fences alone the border which is patrol constantly.  We also crossed the border into Progresso Mexico and had lunch there with a couple we met at the campground, plus shopped a bit.  Also attended the annual fair in La Feria and sampled the local cuisine and entertainment.