2012-03-17, 001, Cowtown RV Park, TX

Stayed from 2012-03-17 to 2012-03-30

Cowtown RV Resort
Aledo, TX

Cowtown RV Resort.pdf

2012-03-21, 004, Texas Rangers Tour

Texas Rangers Tour

2012-03-21, 095, Cowboys Stadium Tour

Cowboys Stadium Tour

2012-03-23, 013, Fort Worth Stock Yards

Fort Worth Stock Yards

Stopped overnight in a rest area along I-20 in Texas on our way north.


Our next stop was ‘Cowtown RV Resort’, Aledo, Texas in the Fort Worth area.  Again, they use the ‘Resort’ word very loosely but had pull-thru sites that could accommodate any rig.  While in the area, we went to Arlington Texas. There we got to tour ‘Texas Stadium’, home of the baseball team the Texas Rangers.  Nice stadium.  Had that old fashioned look but with a very modern style.  While there, we had to take in the ‘Cowboys Stadium’, home of Americas Team, the Dallas Cowboys.  Have to admit it is a beautiful stadium.  They spared no expense for their team.  Also went to Ft. Worth and wandered around the stock yards and even saw a cattle drive.  Went to dinner there and had a great steak and something called calf fries, which turned out to be cooked beef testicles.  Kind of lost my appetite.