2012-06-01, 010, Camelot Campground, MI

Stayed from 2012-06-01 to 2012-06-07

2012-06-04, 003, Fisherman Joey

Fisherman Joey

2012-06-06, 004, Paddle Boating

Paddle Boaters

Camelot Campground
Jones, MI

Camelot Campground Pdf

Camelot Camp Ground in Jones, Michigan more or less a large field.  This was our first campground with the grandchildren and a challenge for all of us.  Not a lot to do here, with the pool closed, Mikey spent most of his time on the computer.  Connor and Gerry went out on the lake with a paddle boat and played together.  Connor learned how to fish with one of our fellow campers, he really enjoyed it.  We all went out to dinner with the woman who taught Connor to fish, great seafood place and food was good.  Connor, Mikey and I had our first experience with frog legs,  we all admitted that it was pretty good and that they tasted like chicken (but doesn't everything).