2013-06-22, 001, Great Basin NP, NV

Stayed from 2013-06-22 to 2013-06-27
Great Basin National Park Pdf

Great Basin National Park
Lower Lehman Creek CG Pdf

2013-06-23, 003, Wheeler Scenic Dr

Wheeler Scenic Drive

2013-06-24, 023, Lexington Arch, UT

Lexington Arch Trail

2013-06-24, 005, Grand Palace Tour

Lehman Caves, Grand Palace Tour

First off, no phone or internet service at the park.  I had to drive 7 miles to the small town of Baker to snag internet and make Skype phone calls to the family.

Nice campground.  (No hookups).  We had a nice spot with a babbling brook running right behind the RV, we just sat around the campfire for a couple of nights. 

Gerry took the ‘Lehman Cave’ tour and walked the ‘Lexington Arch’ trail, even rode some of the ‘back roads’.


2013-06-26, 025, Gray Cliffs Road, NV

Along some Dirt Roads