2013-06-29, 003, Manzanita Lake CG, CA 2013-06-30, 018, Manzanita Lake, CA 2013-06-39, 004, Chaos Jumbles, CA 2013-06-30, 019, Devastated Area, CA

Stayed from 2013-06-29 to 2013-07-03
Lassen Volcanic National Park Pdf

Trail around Manzanita Lake

Chaos Jumbles, (Rocks for Miles)

Interpretive walk, Devastated Area

2013-06-30, 011, Paradise Meadow, CA

Paradise Meadow Trail

2013-07-01, 017, Kings Creek Falls, CA

Kings Creek Falls Trail

2013-07-01, 026, Bumpass Hell Trail, CA

Bumpass Hell Trail

2013-07-01, 001, Lake Helen, CA

Misc Scenery through the Park

2013-07-02, 035, Mill Creek Falls Trail, CA

Mill Creek Falls Trail

Lassen Volcanic National Park
Manzanita Lake Campground Pdf

No Internet and very limited cell phone service (depending where you stood).

 Nice park, campsite was o.k. (No hookups), little bit of a problem backing into the pull thru (Next site blocked our pull thru).  The scenery through the park make it’s well worth the stay, the Chaos Jumbles and Misc. Scenery

We walked the trails the Manzanita Lake and Interpretive trails, Gerry walked the Paradise Meadow, Kings Creek Falls, Burnpass Hell, and Mill Creek Falls trails.