2013-02-20, 001, VIP La Feria RV Park, TX 2013-02-23, 004, Fiesta in La Feria, TX 2013-03-15, 054, RGV Livestock, Mercedes, TX 2013-02-15, 164, RGV Livestock, Mercedes, TX

Stayed from 2013-02-20 to 2013-03-19

2013 Fiesta in La Feria, TXIndex
Fiesta La Feria Pdf

Various Events

Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team

74th Annual Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show,  Mercedes, Texas

2013-03-21, 032, Winter Texans Day, Progreso, MX

Winter Texan's Appreciation Day, Progreso, MX

VIP East La Feria RV Park, TX
VIP La Feria RV Park Pdf

2013-04-03, 044, Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, TX 2013-04-04, 004, Rio Grande Riverboat trip, Riverboat
2013-03-24, 039, Onion Fest, Weslaco, TX

Onion Fest, Weslaco, TX
Onion Fest Pdf

Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, TX
Gladys Porter Zoo Pdf

Riverboat Trip on the Rio Grande
South Conway, TX

2013-04-12, 01, Crash 2013-04-20, 024, Beach, S. Padre Island

Rear-ended along I-83 Frontal Road

A visit to South Padre Island, TX

We met some of the same people from the year before.  Linda & Martin who were across from us and Horst (the accordion player) and his wife were there as well.  Horst entertained us many nights outside our window with his accordion playing.  We went to Mexico a couple of times with Linda & Martin, also went bowling and out to dinner as well.  We went to a great burger place in Donna, Gonzalez’s, the burgers were huge and so delicious. 

We attended the ‘Fiesta La Feria’, the local town’s fair, great entertainment and Mexican food.  Took in the ‘Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show’ a local fair in Mercedes, TX, again great entertainment and local food.  Another stop was Progresso, Mexico for ‘Winter Texan’s Appreciation Day’ something you shouldn’t miss.  And of course don’t miss the ‘Onion Fest’ in Westaco, TX if you like Blooming Onions and a good horse show.
A few other stops were the ‘
Gladys Porter Zoo’ in Brownsville, TX, Riverboat Trip on the Rio Grande in South Conway, TX and ride to South Padre Island, TX (have to eat at Dirty Al’s).
About a week before we left, we got into an
accident right before the campground entrance.  We got stuck in La Feria another 2 weeks as our truck had to be fixed to the tune of $5,000.00, not a great way to end our stay there.