2013-05-05, 003, Guadalupe Mts, TX 2013-05-04, 010, Rest Stop along I-35 in TX 2013-05-04, 010, Along the way, West TX

Stayed from 2013-05-05 to 2013-05-06

Just a Rest Stop in Texas along I-35

Pictures from the RV Along the Way

2013-05-05, 004, Guadalupe Mts, TX

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Gaudalupe Mts NP.Pdf

Guadalupe Mts, National Park,TX
Pine Springs CG Pdf

2013-05-05, 013, PineryTrail 2013-05-05, 042, Frijole Ranch

The Pinery Trail
Butterfield Overlabd Mai Pdf

Frijole Ranch and Smith Spring Trail

2013-05-05, 001, Frijole Ranch

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
Carlsbad Caverns Pdf

Nice little parking lot for a campground, no services at all but the Park was nice, and Internet could be found at the visitor center.  We only stayed 2 days, walked a few of the trails.  We went to the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico while we were there, and took a cave tour, the caves were beautiful.