2012-12-06, 004, Town & Country RV Park, FL

Stayed from 2012-11-05 to 2013-02-04

2013-01-16, 003, Wekiwa Springs St Pk

Wekiwa Springs Sate Park, FL
Wekiwa Springs Sate Park Pdf

2013-01-17, 010, Blue Spring St Pk

Blue Spring Sate Park, FL
Blue Spring Sate Park Pdf

Town and Country RV Resort
Sanford, FL

Town and Country RV Resort.pdf

We spent this time with the family, it was great seeing everyone again.  While there, we traded in Camry and purchased a Tacoma pickup truck.  It will be much easier than having the motorcycle carrier and the kar kaddy on the back of the Motorhome.  This year we also visited both Wekiwa Springs and the Blue Spring State Parks.